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Thank you for making Superman's 85th anniversary celebration a success! 
If you are looking for the website to donate to the Siegel and Shuster Tribute Plaza 
go here:

Want more info on our Fall 2023 program? The Ohio Center for the Book at Cleveland Public Library created an infographic with stats from the event, which you can find here

What are we up to now? 

The Rust Belt Humanities Lab at Ursuline College continues its work to study our region. You can learn more about the lab here and more about the journal,

Rust Belt Studies here

The Ohio Center for the Book hosts a graphic novel book club you can learn more about here. They also host tool kits for teaching comics here. Superman toolkits will be added later this year. 

The interviews with comics creators from the program will be printed later this year in the Journal of Graphic Novels and Comics.

Questions? Contact Valentino Zullo at or

Don Boozer at 

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Superman's Cleveland
Lineage and Legacy 

Cleveland, OH
Fall 2023

What is Superman's Cleveland?

2 months of programs across Cleveland
September 6-November 2, 2023

Superman’s Cleveland is a city-wide celebration of the heritage of Superman, the world’s first comic book superhero invented in 1938 in Glenville by two sons of Jewish immigrants, Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster.


This Fall, scholars and comic book lovers will join interested Clevelanders in book discussions, comics-making workshops, live interviews with creators, and a rich lineup of programs exploring the lineage and legacy of Superman and Cleveland. 

The Conference

Celebrate 85 Years of Superman

Honoring Truth, Justice, and the American Way

This year marks the 85th anniversary of the creation of Superman, the first superhero and Cleveland's most iconic contribution to American and world cultures. 

Generously supported by Ohio Humanities and hosted by the Rust Belt Humanities Lab at Ursuline College and the Ohio Center for the Book at Cleveland Public Library, Superman’s Cleveland gathers institutional partners from across Northeast Ohio. 

Superman’s Cleveland is for everyone, comics fans, families, scholars, history buffs, regional boosters, and lovers of culture across the greater Cleveland area.







Years of Superman


Special Guests

Join us to learn more about Superman, comics, and Cleveland! 

Historians & Scholars

Learn about the lineage and legacy of Superman.

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Community Partners 

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